The New Year’s festivities are over, the confetti’s trashed, the champagne’s sipped, and 2015 is in full effect.  If you are a resolution maker, I salute you! My attention span is too short to write out a list of items. When I used to do resolutions I’d fall off the wagon around January 15th. About five years ago, I implemented a yearly word challenge. Instead of creating a laundry list of items to knock out in 365 days, I’d assess character flaws, desires, or goals and key in on one item for the year. Last year’s item was ATTITUDE.  This year’s item is PARLAY.

Yep, good old PARLAY.  The definition makes me think of entrepreneurship: to use or develop something to get something else that has greater value. I am guilty of hiding gifts and talents because of impatience and sometimes fear. I worry that things I dream will never come to pass. I fear time might run out before certain things happen. I took a deep breath in mid-November of last year and realized everything I need is already in my grasp; I’m not using everything effectively.  Have you ever sought a solution to a problem and realized later the answer was there all along? The answer may have been cutting back on spending to reduce debt, thereby freeing up funds you needed for the road trip or the book signing. The answer may have been decluttering the spare bedroom, dumpster diving or visiting Goodwill for the perfect desk, thus saving office space money and creating a home office. The answer may have been taking advantage of your company’s tuition reimbursement program to enhance your existing skills to make yourself more attractive to your present company or a new one. You get the picture.

Parlay with me in 2015. If you don't want to parlay, find your power word and go for it. Think of the things you desire, the places you see yourself, the hurdles in your path, and assess what you currently have to make your goals a reality. Dust off those editing, landscaping, painting, sculpting, consulting, writing, and nursing skills and move to the next level. We can do this!