Hard Water+Rust Spots x Bar Keeper’s Friend=a clean bathtub.  I just had to hightail it to Walmart to get a few cleaning items to handle my business.  I entered the store and found exactly what I needed, a gold bottle of BKF.  I spotted a few other goodies to add to my basket when a young woman strolled down the aisle in a stylish sleeveless pocket dress, leggings, and riding boots.  I was not the only person who noticed her.  Another woman near the scrubbing pads said, “Cathy, is that you?”

 Cathy didn’t miss a beat and responded, “I haven’t seen you since we graduated.  What have you been up to?”

Scrubbing Pads answered, “I been trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life.  You look like you got yours all figured out.”  She paused, and added, “Before I let you walk away, I want to apologize for how we treated you in school.  We said awful things to you.”

Cathy waved the comment away as if swatting a fly and said, “We were young.  People grow up.”

I’m not sure Ms. Scrubbing Pads believed Cathy, or if she thought there would be a showdown in the aisle with Cathy getting her comeuppance for bullying from days past.  They kept talking though, swapping stories of what life had been like since school ended.  The scene made me think of a saying widely quoted by Dr. Maya Angelou: when you know better, you do better.

Cathy and Ms. Scrubbing Pads helped me remember while no one was given an instruction book on how to navigate life, we are all responsible for the materials we add to our invisible life booklet.  Through trial and error, outright mistakes, and well, life, we have endless opportunities to be gracious, admit our faults, and try, little by little, to do better. 

Today, I’ll think of the things I have stumbled in and make it a point to DO better since I KNOW better.