Dream Girl Awakened

My first novel officially releases today, February 19, 2013.  It’s my brother David’s birthday as well.  I am excited but nervous.  I know I can’t control reviews, or public opinion, or whether folks will get the message I tried to impart.  I’m smiling, though, because a dream I’ve had for years finally came true today.

The seed of my writing dream was planted when I was small.  I was the little prankster running around the family making up wild tales and pretending things were going on that weren’t.  Putting butterflies in jars and pouring sand in my sibling’s hair then lying and saying I didn’t do it.  After all, writers are liars and thieves.  We tell exotic tales and steal life stories that we reassemble so we won’t get sued.

I challenge you today to reignite a dream you thought was dead.  Everyone has at least one “closet” gift they’ve been holding off on pursuing.  Dreams do come true.  Get started on yours today.  DJ from Hustle and Flow said it best: “Everybody got to have a dream!”