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Posted by Stacy Campbell on Thursday, March 28, 2013,

I've been walking around the Midwest with a serious attitude! Punxsutawney Phil had me hyped about a beautiful spring. Then again, can we really trust a groundhog? I was prepared to dig out my must-do recipes,dust off my 30-day spring cleaning list, and map out travel hot-spots for the spring and summer.  Alas, snow is falling and I'm fighting hard to keep a cold at bay.  Shame on it all, I thought as I pondered spending the rest of the spring under my warm comforter.  I can get those things ...
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Posted by Stacy Campbell on Tuesday, March 19, 2013,

 I hate outing you like this today, but it’s your birthday, Daddy, and I’m missing you like crazy!  I’m sure everyone else misses you, too.  One thing’s for sure, family and friends remember the foot-stomping man who jumped up when the riff to Evelyn Champagne King’s “Love Come Down” came on the radio.  I’m not sure what was so significant about this song for you, but that was your jaaaammmmm!!!!

 On the afternoon of your funeral four months ago, we sat around at Becky’s aw...

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