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Posted by Stacy Campbell on Tuesday, February 19, 2013,
Dream Girl Awakened

My first novel officially releases today, February 19, 2013.  It’s my brother David’s birthday as well.  I am excited but nervous.  I know I can’t control reviews, or public opinion, or whether folks will get the message I tried to impart.  I’m smiling, though, because a dream I’ve had for years finally came true today.

The seed of my writing dream was planted when I was small.  I was the little prankster running around the family making up wild tales and pretending things were going...

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Posted by Stacy Campbell on Thursday, February 7, 2013,

Vernon Hardapple, the Muse

There is a scene in the movie Wonder Boys that is hilarious and educational for writers.  Michael Douglas portrays Grady Tripp, a college professor who garnered critical acclaim with his first novel and has been stuck for seven years, unable to repeat his initial success.  Robert Downey, Jr. shines as Terry Crabtree, his editor who desperately needs Tripp to complete his sophomore offering, now a whopping 2,000 pages.  Toby McGuire is spot-on as James Leer, Tripp...

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